Web Analytics


A business is only as good as the accuracy of its data. We’ll tag key data for tracking, set up internal filters, enable e-commerce tracking, and ensure all campaign data is accurately recorded so you reach your conversion goals.


A relationship with an outside consultant serves as a valuable resource at every critical junction. We set you up for success by helping you focus on the right questions to guide your business plan and finding the most effective answers.


Capturing conversion information isn’t enough to compete. We sift through an enormous glut of data to find the most salient pieces of information and summarize actionable solutions to your biggest marketing quandaries.


We train organizations in all aspects of data extrapolation, interpretation and implementation. Our Google Analytics experts have many years of experience training students from novice to advanced levels.

As technology transforms our lives and a new generation of digital consumers emerge, companies must fight to stay relevant. With our in house tools and proprietor algorithms, we draw actionable insights from digital data to help marketers take data driven decisions that boost the effectiveness and success of their digital properties.

Digital analytics goes way beyond measuring website traffic. It is no longer only a tool to measure online traffic , but is an essential mean for businesses to evaluate as well as improve the efficiency of their digital presence.

At SkyCom Solutions we help you overcome the data overload through a variety of digital analytics support services.

By converting large mass of data into easily consumable reports and insightful analyses, we enable you to take better data-driven decisions.

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