Devotional Portal

Devotional Portal

Key Features:

  1. Provides the widest range of devotional content.
  2. Content approved and certified by respective religious authorities.
  3. Provides over 50 subcategories of content.
  4. Supports special main navigation option to promote any type of content to suit any occasion.
  5. Customized content for religious festivals and significant days.
  6. Provides exclusive content such as OSHO Outlook on Life & Baba Ramdev preaching’s content items include Dharmik Granth / Bhajans / Mantras & Stuti’s / Dua’s / Kirtan / Ardaas / Gospels / Holy Songs and much more.
  7. Provides an in-built occasions and festival calendar.
  8. Comes with a catalogue of over 3000 clips.
  9. Supports Twenty (20) languages.

Faith, Religion and Devotion these are not just words but a way of life for most of us. In a multi faceted country like ours we have believers and followers of different religions (or faiths) living together in harmony.

To most of us religion is what we need or want to follow regularly. Skycom Solutions caters to this very essential need of all.

Devotional Service is designed keeping in mind and catering to the spiritual need of ours. A platform to listen and dedicate religious musical content like songs, Aarti’s, Bhajan’s, Mukhwak, etc (with an added bonus of downloading the religious Ringtones too). Amrit-Dhara, Aarti, Shlokas and Vedic traditions and Soothing Gospels, devotional songs, music and ring Tones. This Service offers the ease to the customers to choose from varied categories without the trouble of too much browsing through search engines.

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