Ad Ops

We take the guesswork out of ad placement with budget management and campaign optimisation.

In addition to monitoring communications, billing, and scheduling related to an advertisement, ad traffickers make sure that ads are published, broadcast or uploaded at the appropriate time, in the agreed upon venue and as the client intended. For Web-based ad traffickers, this requires the use of third-party ad servers to upload content to the Internet.

Ad traffickers must also have facility with a variety of coding and rich media technologies such as HTML, Flash, Java, and others. Because online advertising combines text, graphics, sound, and video, online ad traffickers use their skills with video encoding, computer graphics, and Internet marketing technologies to ensure that ads appear correctly and in the desired formats. They also troubleshoot inaccuracies or problems, monitor ad campaigns, and report to advertising sales agents on the status and placement of campaigns to guarantee correct billing.

Our ad operations services include

  • Market and customer behaviour analysis
  • Digital campaign management and monitoring
  • Forecasting and survey analysis
  • Ad scoring and reporting
  • Budget management
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